Happy Birthday Lifedock!

August 16, 2021 by Kathryn Case

Happy Birthday Lifedock - it's our 18th Birthday this month! We are so happy to be celebrating 18 years of delivering chair based exercise training across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. It's hard to believe how quickly the years have flown. It seems like yesterday this was just an idea in our heads and not a fully-fledged business, old enough to drink and vote!

It all started with a Chair Based Exercise course in partnership with Age NI. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength, surviving a financial crash and a global pandemic. Over the years we have trained thousands of leaders in Chair Based Exercise and later this year we will be celebrating the launch of our new Drum Based Exercise programme. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

When we aren't kicking back and singing "Happy Birthday" to ourselves we do actually have some exciting opportunities going on at Lifedock. We are running our courses as usual and are even looking to deliver in-person courses in the near future.

Are you interested in attending the Chair Based Exercise Course? Do you work or volunteer in the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust? 

Chair Based Exercise Course dates:

  • Session 1: 22 September
  • Session 2: 6 October
  • Session 3: 9 November 

All sessions will be delivered via Zoom. Contact us for more information.

About Lifedock
Lifedock is the UK’s leading instructor training provider of creative, fun and effective physical activity programmes. They are uniquely designed to bring safe and effective exercise for a range of special populations, including frail and elderly, young people, children, people with learning and physical disability and people with mental health conditions. Courses include Chair based Exercise Instructor, Drum Based Exercise Instructor and Tai Chi Instructor (Chi Me). Click here for the full range of our courses.

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