Chi Me

Want to be a Tai Chi Instructor?

This uplifting programme provides the opportunity to learn a simplified version of tai chi suitable for a wide range of clients. The LifeDock Chi Me instructor training course is a fully accredited Level 2 qualification providing the skills required to deliver simple and easy to follow tai chi sessions in day centres, residential homes, supported housing, leisure centres and a wide range of community settings.

Tai chi instructor training takes several years to complete and tai chi instructors are hard to come by! We wanted more people to be able to experience the wonderful benefits of tai chi, so we developed the Chi Me instructor course; specifically designed to be easy to learn for both the leader and the participants.

Chi Me is a series of simple movements, linked together to create a gentle, flowing and easy to follow tai chi style class. It is suitable for any age group but is ideal for older adults and adults with disabilities and people with a mental health condition. It can also be adapted for seated participants and is a beneficial addition to existing falls prevention and pain management programmes.

Chi Me embraces the tai chi principles of good posture, strength, balance and slow controlled movement. It has a wonderful calming effect and creates of sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. As a result of the overwhelmingly positive response we have recieved, Chi Me has become one of our most sought after instructor training courses.

Course Content

  • Movement  technique & purpose - mobilising, weight shift & balance
  • Teaching practice
  • Communication skills & leading older people/disability
  • Managing group exercise
  • Observation & correction
  • Adapting movements and/or exercise session

The course can be delivered in person or via Video Conferencing for groups of 12 or more over three sessions. Due to Covid-19 there is flexibility on course delivery. Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.

However, if you would like to get started now, you can buy the online the Chi Me course today and complete via our E-Learning platform!

LifeDock leaders have access to ongoing support once training is completed via the LifeDock Leader's dashboard where video tutorials and resources are available. Leaders are also welcome to attend online, quarterly refresher workshops allowing them to learn new skills, ask questions and discuss any difficulties.

There are no pre-course requirements necessary to attend the Chi Me course - just a desire to create a sense of calm and wellbeing!

Buy now for £210.00 inc VAT

Course Content

  • Health and Safety for exercise with older people and people with disabilities
  • Values and principles of adult social care
  • The impact of bodily changes associated with ageing, disability and inactivity
  • The health and functional benefits of tai chi
  • The difference between tai chi and Chi Me
  • How to plan and prepare Chi Me session for older people and adults with learning disabilities
  • A seated or standing warm-up
  • Tai chi weight transfer
  • Tai chi Posture and alignment
  • Principles of tai chi movement

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