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Welcome to LifeDock. The UK’s leading instructor training provider of creative, fun and effective physical activity programmes. 

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I work with older people and sedentary people…

We are made to move, laugh and be connected!
Choose from a range of instructor training courses and help your older people become physically, mentally and socially healthy. Be a Lifedock Leader!

I work with people with learning disability and/or physical disability…

Being active creates a wonderful sense of wellbeing and achievement. Whether its drumming, inclusive dance, tai chi or simply moving to music, as a Lifedock Leader, you can experience the joy of helping people feel alive!

I work with young people and children…

Physical and mental wellbeing has never been so important for our young people and children! Instructor training in Tai Chi, dance and games will equip you to get them moving both physically and mentally!

I work with people with a mental health condition…

Physical activity can massively affect mental health in a positive way. Whether its on the treadmill, in the gym or tai chi in the park. Check out the Lifedock Leader courses that promote mental and emotional wellbeing.

I am a funder/ commissioner...

Is your remit to the promotion of physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing within the community? We have a wealth of experience in this sector and would love to partner with your organisation.


What They're Saying...

  • "I've completed three training courses that are so beneficial for my target population"

    Ciaran - Recreation & Activity Co-ordinator
  • "My Falls Risk group will benefit greatly from Chair Based Exercise"

    Charlie - NHS Scotland
  • "Chi Me on Tyrella Beach - my clients loved it!"

    Leanne - Health Referral Co-ordinator

Proudly Working With...

Meet the Team

Jacquie Guinn

Jacquie Guinn is one of the ‘Godmothers’ of fitness in Northern Ireland! She has been a fitness instructor for over 40 years and was the driving force in LifeDock becoming a OCNNI Training Centre. She wrote the first fully accredited chair based exercise course for older people in Northern Ireland.

Karen Case

Karen has worked in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years. Her broad range of fitness experience and knowledge including Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi has been invaluable in writing, developing and delivering LifeDock courses

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Welcome to LifeDock, the UK’s leading training provider of creative, fun and effective physical activity programmes.

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