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Game On is a level 2 qualification (equivalent Level 4 certificate in Ireland) designed for anyone who works with children and is interested in delivering fun-based activities.

Game On will equip Leaders to create and lead a wide range of fun, game based activities to promote physical, social and mental wellbeing. Acknowledging that not everyone is sporty, Game On gives each child the chance to shine and be included. This programme is ideal for schools, leisure centres and a variety of community settings.

On completion of the course Leaders will be able to plan and deliver a session of fun, game-based activities including:

  • Competitive games
  • Non-competitive games
  • Thinking activities such as puzzles, quizzes and challenges
  • Quiet activities encouraging a feeling of calm
  • Co-operation teamwork activities
  • Learning activities through games
  • Create activities that encourage high energy physical bursts such as jumping, hopping and skipping
  • Create activities using various pieces of equipment

The course can be delivered in person for groups of 12 or more. Due to Covid-19 there is flexibility on course delivery. Contact Us for more information. LifeDock leaders have access to ongoing support once training is completed via the LifeDock Leader's dashboard where video tutorials and resources are available. Leaders are also welcome to attend online, quarterly refresher workshops allowing them to learn new skills, ask questions and discuss any difficulties.

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